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It’s no secret this island artist is a homebody.  Equally dedicated to her island beach, it’s unique treasures; especially those delivered by the sea.  

However, her lust to grow as an artist paired with inherent love of seashells could not contain her curiosity of "what if"?  What if she had the ability to source from exotic beaches world-wide? What would she discover, blend, dare to go boldly beyond the ordinary?

Presenting "Wanderlust"; an oversized, estate mirror exquisitely lavished in rare, seashell species, corals and sea fans from around the world. And it all starts at the bottom.

A rare, Cockscom Cockle Oyster  forms a base bouquet intermingled with Red Coral, Black Coral Sea Fan sprigs, Zig Zag Nerite and Augers. A simple pattern of Mushroom coral, Lambus, clustered, polished White Drill, repeating Red Coral & Black Coral sea fan is draped in a back-drop of Atlantic Oyster Drill.  The rich, brown drills meticulously laid in a pattern of fish circles, just as schools appear in the ocean.

The crown jewel, a massive, vibrant Copper Abalone nests with a cluster of oversized Triton, Polished rare Copper Turban & oversized Pearlized Oyster. Large shards of Pen Shell hand sourced by the Artist's home island beach add just the perfect dimension to its crown and finished with Black Coral sea fan waves that cascades over the center piece just as the ocean crests before kissing the shore.

Wanderlust is an amazing collaboration of the sea displayed on a rectangular palette of functional art. It is a masterful example of what once was, what is and what could and will be when you dare to follow dreams; dare to travel outside the comfort zone. 

Wanderlust takes you full circle throughout the Artist's life.  Skills developed designing, nurturing and harvesting her beloved English Cottage Gardens, carry over into the design of Wanderlust: deliberately unforced and natural. Blending seamlessly with her new found skills and resources creating nothing shy of brilliance.

This piece is equally diverse in its design delivery as it is unique.  From Out of Africa to the Grand Cayman Islands; alongside fine, blue & white porcelain, inside a chic, city loft to the statement piece of a grand, oceanfront foyer, its design destination possibilities are more vast than a passport. 

Wanderlust satisfies your daily need to escape as it delivers the ultimate best of the best seashell artistry without ever leaving home.

Seashell Table of Contents:
Large Copper Abalone
Giant Pearlized Oyster
Polished Copper Turban
Black Coral Sea Fan
Shards of Pen Shell
Natural Red Abalone
Giant Tiger Cowrie
Mushroom Coral
Zig Zag Nerite
Cockscomb Oyster
Rough Scallop 
Atlantic Oyster Drill 
Red Coral
Black Nerite 
Snail Flub

Dimensions: Approximately 42" H x 28" W x 7" D.

Other: new wood frame base, mirror, glue, wire. Professionally wired and ready to hang.

Available for immediate acquistion - contact the artist for more information

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