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An oversized, round statement mirror, "Spoondrift" delivers magic of the ocean's power in the form of functional art. The infinite, three dimensional shell detailing of this piece is jaw dropping. 


Spoondrift is a naturally occurring product of the ocean that occurs when the surf is rough and fiesty. Seafoam will roll off the crest of the waves and delivers a drift of bubbly, snow-like magic to shore.


The artist draws her inspiration from her relationship with the sea. Sourcing her shells and experiencing the bliss of an ever changing, natural wonder. So inspiring and magical, she can't help but create to share the moment.  


"Spoondrift" is all about motion. Free formed, loosely assimilated circular patterns of varying sizes of foam colored shells. Just as the ocean delivers spoondrift to shore, surprises unfold in the foam; beautiful clusters of shells from perfect, shiny jewels to the broken and tumbled. 


"Spoondrift" not only delivers as a coastal mirror. It appeals to the true connoisseur of fine art looking to express themselves in the spaces they dwell. Like three dimensional, fine architecture, useful and pleasing to the eye while fulfilling the definition of fine art. "Spoondrift" will never grow old because there will always be something new to discover with every glance.


Color palette:

Whites (dominant), creams, tan, browns, copper, silver. 



38" x 32" x 8"

19.5" Glass mirror diameter


Shell Table of Contents:

Assorted Palm Island Broken Shells

Polished White Abalone 

Banana Shell 

Bird's Nest Coral

Centipede Lambus 

Copper Turbo

Cinnamon Shell

Kitten Paw (in tack)

Rose Clam 

Tiger Natica

Pearlized Delphinula 

White Lovely Natica

White Dove Nassau

White Mongo


Misc. Materials:

Resin frame

Glass mirror

Industrial glue

Hanging hardware


"Spoondrift" is available for immediate acquisition.

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