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Miss Sanibel

Miss Sanibel

Miss Sanibel has earned her name. She is a queen of seashells:  literally & figuratively all played out atop a large, baroque seashell mirror.  
An unexpected invitation to the 81st annual Sanibel | Captiva Seashell show (Sanibel Island, Florida); the world's most prestigious, long running juried seashell show, challenged the artist. She needed to impress the judges with a celebration of seashells while remaining true to her organic, Italian Grotto style technique.
The result: a glorious palette of seashells from all over the world masterfully gracing an ornate, baroque frame. It is a brilliant marriage of hand collected species from the artist's barrier island beach and vibrant, globally sourced show stopping jewels of the sea. 
Florida Fighter Conch, Turkey Wing, 4 species of Murex, Spiny Jewel Box, Scallop, Button Snail, Shark Eye, Rough Jewel Box, Florida Worm Shell, Cardita, Strawberry Top, 3 species of Limpets, Doves, Millipede Conch, Periwinkle, Elephant Ear, Mongos, Purple Barnacle, tumbled seashell buds, Coquina, and last but not least, not one, but two, locally scorced Junonia: the Gulf Coast's crown jewel & arguably the most sought after seashell in the world.
Miss Sanibel placed 1st in the Professional Division:  museum worthy and famous. She is a masterful blend of natural, organic earth toned, textured & imperfect shells intermixed with the vibrant, polished shiny brights.  In perfect harmony: ready to wow.  This is your chance to invest in a piece of history.  This is your chance to own Miss Sanibel.
This piece measures approximately 24" H x 20" W x 3" D.


Available for immediate acquistion - contact the artist for more information

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