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Knight Light

Knight Light

The original Knight Light was born out of a request from a client's desire to create table lamp compatible with her recently acquired Quartaro Design statement mirror. Because the original lamp was created using 100% locally sourced seashells, the artist appropriately named them "Knight Lights".

The design style of her Delray Beach oceanfront home was mid-century modern so the lines needed to be contemporary & sleek.

The artist fell in love with the clean, vertical lines of the rustic style base and canvas shade.  She chose Florida Fighter Conchs, Turkey Wing Ark Shells, local finger & worm coral clusters for the design as pictured.

It is a simple design that delivers a powerful punch.  The lamp as pictured was created using 100% locally sourced seashells from the Artist's private island beach.

The base of the lamp is a versatile, blank slate so to speak.  It can be designed to suit a variety of style preferences.

Variations are vast: 3 sides encrusted with seashells to 4.  Shell size, color and species.  From monochromatic to luxurious. 

Pricing is structured as follows:
-selection of species of shells
-detail & level of difficulty of the design; hours invested
-number of sides of the base to design
-deadline for completion

The base lamps and shades are brand new.  They are currently in stock; available for your personal, custom seashell design!


Lamp dimensions:

Base measures approximately 12" wide x 9" tall x 6" deep

The canvas shade measures approximately 17" wide x 10.5" tall x 8" deep

The finial is 3" tall and the entire lamp is approximately 27" total before seashell artistry. 


Available for immediate acquistion - contact the artist for more information

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