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Dove Ce La Luce

Dove Ce La Luce

Quartaro Design proudly presents "Dove Ce La Luce", a large, ornate seashell encrusted statement triple light wall sconce.

Pictures, in this case do tell a story.  Strikingly unique, most definitely extraordinary, Dove Ce La Luce is stunning.  Undeniably,  investment worthy functional, seashell ART.  Clearly notable from every angle of the camera; like good architecture, Dove is 3 dimensional functional opulence.  

But Dove has another story.  In addition to the Artist's designation of a new personal best, Dove tells a story of inspiration.

Created out of darkness during a global pandemic and national unrest, the artist remembered her favorite verse; a familiar verse that brought great comfort to dark days gone by.  "A light no darkness can overcome."

At a time her talent seemingly paralyzed by the world around her, she turned to the light that reflected from the crests of the waves, the shells of the sea, the sun that made her island home vibrant with color and unspoiled natural beauty. Inspirational ability surrounded her like Dorothy's famous ruby slippers: "you had the power all along, my dear" you just had to re-learn it yourself."

And so it flowed into place, onto a palette that would forever radiate light and beauty extraordinaire. 90% hand selected seashells from her private island beach.

First, a large specimen of Mushroom Coral serves as a focal point without stealing the show. Elaborate, Grotto-style detail work evolved; almost as if it were living art.

Rare, in tack Kitten Paw seashells  inspired by the leaves of a flowy plant, to the ruffled, opaque Sea Fronds in the unique image of floral petals flowing seamlessly like a botanical garden of the sea.  Flowers bloom out of seashells and broken pieces became part of bouquets. Spines of an Urchin collected from a swell a year prior, carefully inserted into the centers of each, intricate seashell flower.  


Pen Shell spears, coral fragments and local seaweed accent Dove just as a master florist adds the finishing touches to a spectacular arrangement. Thousands of barnacles hand laid into place; one by one; interlocking like an intricate puzzle.  Originally hosted by another sea creature, the artist repurposed them to coat the foundation ensuring nothing could ever be quite like Dove. There are simply no words to properly articulate her lure; simply undeniable raw beauty.

Whether the trio of chandelier style bulbs are turned on or off,  Dove will draw the attention of all.  It is the statement piece of all statement  pièces de résistance. Dove will inspire.  Dove Ce La Luce is a masterpiece.  Proving through the end of time, where there is light, there cannot be darkness.



Seashell & Sealife Table of Contents:

Mushroom Coral

Kitten Paws

Gulf Coast Barnacles

Periwinkle (Violecea)

Sea Fronds

Florida Jingles (Capiz Shell)

Florida Calico Scallop (Pectin)

Urchin Spine

Pen Shell

Tumbled shells (variety gulf coast species)

Rough Jewel Box

Polished Clam Shells (pink & white)

Polished Pink Umbombium

Dove Snail Shell (Naussau)


Cinnamon Shell

Purple Cowrie

Cut Knobby Barnacles 

Asst. coral fragments

Gulf Coast Seaweed (dried & sourced from Knight Island, FL)



34" H x 23" W x13" D (width from furtherst light arm out from fixture). The wood frame base measures 2" deep

Base material:

Wood foundation, metal curved arms, 3 flame shaped, 40 watt bulbs (included). 



Fixture comes with attached plug-in cord with on off toggle.  In addition, the fixture can be permanently hard wired into wall.  40 watt; 120V max.



Fixture is wired to hang onto flat surface.  Additionally, includes brackets that allow installation into new construction.



Industrial Glue

Clear, acrylic topcoat


Available for immediate acquistion - contact the artist for more information

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