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Blue Interludes

Blue Interludes

Blue Interludes is a large, rectangular seashell encrusted statement mirror. It reflects the artist's courage to accept a personal challenge of expanding her normal range of shape, texture and color palette. This challenge involved searching the globe to locate vibrantly colored seashells and marrying them with her beloved, locally sourced seashells from her private barrier island beach in The Gulf of Mexico.

Polished, intact Teal Clam & Green Abalone pop the color pallette against a dominantly ivory,  monochromatic collection of local Spiny Jewel Box, Southern Quahog, Paper Fig, Rough Scallop & Eastern Oyster. Pearlized Snail shell encrust the inner rim while tiny White Dove envelop the outer.

A beautiful Pearlized Nautilus crowns the top while sprigs of sustainably sourced coral add interest, form and balance in addition to the tumbled, seashell buds. Millipede Conch, polished, white Cowrie intermingle throughout. 

Blue Interludes surpassed the artist's expectations; adding a more formal, elegant presentation to her repertoire. This, in her signature, Italian Grotto style artistry. 

Blue Interludes is a breathtaking piece of functional statement art. It is as versatile as its beauty: appropriate add to a seaside cottage, coastal estate, resort, or impeccably appointed yacht. 

This piece measures approximately 27" H x 21" W x 3. 5" D.  


A similar piece may be commissioned by the artist - contact the artist for more information

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