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Bellissima Riflessi

Bellissima Riflessi

Bellisima Riflessi is a large, oval seashell encrusted mirror commissioned by the client. Its mission: to be the crown jewel, final adornment of a professional designer's ocean side beach house renovation.  


The artist was asked to incorporate locally sourced seashells, marry various textures, shapes, sizes in earth tones & crimson. The desired result: a rich, organically unique, statement piece of functional art featuring the artist's natural, Italian Grotto style technique. The result is truly magnificent.


The artist chose an array of Florida Fighter Conch, Apple Murex, Turkey Wing, Shark Eye, Spiny Jewel Box, Calico Scallop, Nutmeg, King's Crown, Worm Shell, Banded Tulip,  Cardita, Coquina & more. Dozens of broken & tumbled "Seashell Blossoms" of various locally sourced species make up thee signature "seashell bouquet" focal points. Purple barnacles scatter throughout as if the mirror naturally evolved from the sea as a whole. The artist hand selected each specimen from her private, barrier island beach in The Gulf of Mexico.


Large Brown Murex, Millipede Conch, Zig Zag Nerite, Giant Pectin Flats, Green Abalone & Elephant Ear were globally selected and carefully added for contrast; adding pearlized gleam & subtle pop of color. 


Bellissima Riflessi is a beautiful collaboration of two, creative minds. It reflects the soul of the artist when set free to follow unhindered, raw inspiration; molding It into something extraordinary. It is a reflection of an undying respect for the creatures who once inhabited these amazing shells; permanently paying homage to their former, perfectly imperfect homes.  


Bellissima Riflessi measures approximately 40" H × 27" W X 5" D.

A similar piece may be commissioned by the artist - contact the artist for more information.

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